Girls Night In Edinburgh

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Girls Night In

With Cocktails & Kilts you can have your own cocktail party, hosted by your very own Scottish barmen!

We have portable bars so we can bring the party to your home or premises!

We usually operate in Edinburgh and Glasgow but can also arrange cocktail parties further afield too.

Girls Night Out

If you'd rather have a 'girls night out' in Edinburgh than a 'girls night in' you can bring the party to us.

We operate Cocktail Lessons at Jeremiah's Taproom in Edinburgh city centre.

You learn how to make, shake and drink cocktails and there is an option of dinner too.

Butler in a Kilt

You can also hire your very own butler in a kilt!

They can serve you drinks, do the washing up or anything you want. He is all yours for the time you book so you can do whatever you want with him!

Have a look at our how it works page for more info.